Our Blank Slate Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extension: 200 sq.ft

floor plans for Kitchen Extension Addition

Blueprint view of Kitchen Extension Addition


Kitchen Extension Solution for a Kitchen that Used to Be Too Small


Is your Kitchen too small? This kitchen extension adds 200 additional square feet to your kitchen, or to any exterior wall of your existing home.

When we originally drafted this room addition, we did not out fit it with cabinetry or any other kitchen amenity, because we wanted to show you the approximate cost of just adding this space. What is factored into the quote below are items like tile flooring, doors, windows, and electrical work.

Construction 20' x 10' Home Extension

The existing roofing and siding will be matched to your existing home and a kitchen extension will be built on the exterior wall, where your existing kitchen resides on to a crawl space foundation.Check out our Kitchen Extension Story page.

As with all of our other online estimates, this kitchen extension addition was factored with the extension of your existing HVAC system.

New Kitchen Extension Details

Size: 20' x 10'
Flooring: Ceramic Tile
Doors: Double French Doors
Windows: 3
Notes: Enough room for dinning room space.

This Blank Slate Kitchen Extension Is Estimated At $30,000


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