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Looking To Build An In-Law Apartment Onto Your House?


Look no further because this in-law apartment features 750 square feet of living space! You simply have to take a look at the 3D interior floor plan and the in-law addition blueprints to truly appreciate how well we appointed this particular in-law addition plan.

We designed this in law suite to include a Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Walk-in Closet with Laundry hookups, Master Bath, and Master Bedroom. All these rooms plus a carefully designed floor-plan was possible in this 25' x 30' single floor living footprint.

Most in-law additions don't include a formal dining area, but this one does! The kitchen makes excellent use of the 10' by 10' space, by providing just enough cabinets and counter-space to truly make this in-law condo functional.Did we mention that we didn't forget about the little details like providing a traditional window just above the kitchen sink?

This is a very large home addition and new HVAC system hat to be installed to handle the old and new portion of the house with separate zone controls. All the HVAC duct work has been factored to be run underneath the addition, since it will be resting on a crawl space foundation.

In-law additions are essentially a whole new house built onto an existing house, and that means that a lot of care has to go into the planning and construction for a home extension of this magnitude, With that being said, be sure to take advantage of our automated contractor locating service, so that you can get a list of contractors who are known to complete successful projects like this room addition in your local area. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and you will already be one step ahead of someone who did not have the luxury of seeing these in-law addition plans and building cost estimates below.

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Master Bedroom

Size: 14' x 11'
Closet & Laundry: 15' x 5'
Flooring: Oak hardwood
Doors: 3
Windows: 3

Master Bathroom

Size: 8' x 8'
Flooring: Tile
Doors: 2
Windows: 2
Features: Private Water-Closet

Living Room

Size: 14' x 14'
Flooring: Oak Hardwood
Doors: 2
Windows: 2
Features: Open Floor Plan

Full Kitchen

Size: 10' x 10
Flooring: Tile
Doors: Open Floor Plan
Windows: 1
Features: Open Floor Plan

Formal Dining Room

Size: 11' x 10'
Flooring: Oak Hardwood
Doors: 1
Windows: 2
Features: Open Floor Plan

This In-law Addition Is Estimated At $120,000 to Build

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