Two Car Garage Addition Costs

2 Car Garage Addition 24' x 24'

floor plans for Two Car Garage Addition

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How Much Does A 2 Car Garage Cost To Build?

We would be fibbing if we told you that we have never heard anyone asking us that very question before; after all, we are the Google of home additions you know.

That's why when Fred and his wife Francine asked us this very question, we didn't just answer back from $19,000 to $25,000 on average, no, we designed this very two car garage addition package so that all the Fred and Francine's across America would know approximately how much money they need to invest to build a garage like this.

What options do you have to consider when building a two car garage like this?

Well there are the obvious options like garage door types, lighting details, flooring: some people want an epoxy resin coated garage floor, so that is looks nice and it's easy to clean. How about windows, how many windows and what size of windows do you want. Should the windows be energy star rated?

There are some details to mull over before you start building your garage, but it is one of the easiest home extension that you can build. All garage builds on our website are factored with a slab on grade foundation which is a building standard.

Check out the pictures above, the construction costs below, and use our Automated Contractor Locating Service by filling out the form below, to find out who your neighbors picked to build their nice looking garage. Check out this garage addition story.

2 Car Garage Addition Details

Size: 24' x 24'
Overhead Doors: 2
Entry Doors: 1
Windows: 2 double hung

This Two Car Garage Addition Is Estimated At $25,000

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