Custom Garage Addition on a Cape

A customer of our former company, Simply Additions LLC drew up plans for a Two Car Garage with a Bonus Room above and a Family Room addition on the rear of the house.

He wanted to do a majority of the finish work himself, so he only needed us to construct the home addition shell.

The shell is mainly the structure, such as the framing, foundation, windows, doors, and siding.

During this project we had to overcome a few interesting obstacles such as transplanting a large tree, moving a sewer connection, and relocating the driveway.

The Story of a 1,600 sq/ft Custom Cape Addition 

starting a Home Addition project

New Sewer Connection

Connecting to Walingford's city sewer was necessary

To make this home addition project possible we had to relocate the previous sewer connection, because the addition would be in the way.

Tree Relocation
We relocated this tree to another part of the yard
This tree would be in the way of the garage addition, we did our best to transplant the 20' tree to another location; months later the tree adapated well to its new home.

Foundation Phase
Foundation completed for all the additions

With the tree out of the way we started to work on the foundation.

New Driveway Prep
Crushed rock delivered for new driveway
The new garage faced an adjacent street; the orginal was removed. 

Side View of Addition Structures
Framing the garage, family room addition in Wallingford, CT

To the left is the beggining of the 2 story garage addition, to the right is the single level family room addition..

Roof Truss Installation
We had to crane our roof trusses
We used a crane to hoist the roof trusses up to the workers.

Plywood Installation
Mike is wrapping up the roof framing
Our workers are installing plywood on top of the roof trusses.

Siding Installation
Siding installation almost completed

In this phase we started to install the siding which was matched to the existing home.

Rear View
Rear view of home addition; customer is wrapping the chimney himself
Our customer wanted to dress up the chimney chase himself, we just weather proofed it for him.

Tree Survives
Our customer gets his custom addition and the Tree recovers 100%
The closest tree to the addition on the left is the tree that was relocated. Fortunately the tree survived!

Front View of Cape Addition
Garage Addition in Wallingford, CT on a Cape
From this angle you can see the garage addition with a bonus room ontop on the right.

 Ahh, another beautiful home addition.

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Project Cost: $106,150.00

Duration 3 months

1,600 new square feet of space


Customer Testimonial

Jeff & Kathy R. from Wallingford CTGarage Addition with extras "My wife and I have been remodeling our house since the first day we bought it 13 years ago. I have worked in the building trade for a number of years after finishing college. We have used a few contractors during certain stages of our work in that time. We had never had a good experience in any of those prior situations. As a matter of fact, we were determined to never use a contractor again, until we met the gentlemen from Simply Additions. We took on a sizable stage of our project with Simply Additions and we are glad we did it with them. They were very professional in their approach to the work. The quality of work was top notch. They approached challenges on the project like it was their home. That personal care is what is lacking in the building industry. I was truly impressed with the thoroughness of their contract, which let's me know they are serious about what they do. They added crucial input to the detailed design that made our addition so much more than we anticipated. They use only the highest quality building materials in their work. Their pricing structure is very competitive. And their most significant attribute is their support after the job was complete. They are truly interested in having relationships with their customers that last beyond the finish date.

I would recommend Simply Additions to anyone looking to add on to their home, they will be my first choice in future projects." Protection Status for   2004 - 2024 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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