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So you have a Cape also aka Bungalow styled home and you are in need of some extra space, right?

Well, you came to the right place!

At Simply Additions we developed many home addition packages that will work perfectly with your Cape Cod styled house.

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We have designed and estimated almost every type of home addition one could think of. From second story additions, to bedroom additions, to sunroom additions, to In-law additions like the one we will talk about below. We provide hard to get information and we do it better than anyone else, so bookmark this site for future reference!


Walking Through a Cape Addition (In-law Apartment Project)

Before cape addition

A customer of our former research and development company Simply Additions LLC,  purchased this charming cape on the countryside in Haddam Neck, CT, with their daughter, son in-law, and newborn baby. This cape is located in a very quiet neighborhood and it already had nice updates and a gorgeous in-ground swimming pool with a pool house in the back yard. The only thing that was missing was the proper space for all of them to live together in harmony.

Since a total of four people and one baby were going to inhabit this home, a home addition was the perfect solution for this closely knit family.

They originally purchased our deck & custom in-law addition package which can be found on our website; afterwards, they chose to substitute the deck for a four seasons sunroom instead.

The goal of the project was to enlarge the home to accommodate all five members, while maintaining the existing charming character of the original house. The new additions left all the charm at the house and added a lot more space and usability as well. This addition was one of our favorite projects for our R&D team based on looks.

Excavation for the foundation began In March

Excavating in winter

In New England you have to get really creative to build home additions in the winter. Our R&D team assembled a team of highly skilled contractors who actually had to jack hammer to get through the frost line! Some contractors shy away from doing foundations in the winter, while our R&D team engineered a way to make it happen. 

You too can make good things happen, when you hire great contractors right from this site, just fill out the form below and use our hiring guides to help you pick the contractor who will work with you the best.


This was the original footprint for the addition

original size of the subfloor layout

The new square footage outlined by the floor framing seen in the photo above, would be for the in-law's bedroom and living room. Every in-law apartment also needs its own bathroom, so the existing office in the original home was being converted into the in-laws private bathroom.

All framing materials such as the TGI's seen in this picture were purchased from a Certified Green Material Supplier.

Blending the rooflines presented a challenge

Framed cape additionBlending roof lines & intersections

The goal was to mate three roof planes and make it look good; as well as functional in every season. Improper mating of roof lines can cause ice dams in the winter, a condition that can lead to expensive roof repairs in the future.

Remember that with a proper home addition design, you will not have to worry about roof planes intersections and ice dams yourself. However, if you shop around for the cheapest price on design work for your addition, that can be something that bites you in the keester in the future.

Skylight installed on roof
Take a look at how these roof planes intersect next to the motorized skylight. This is a result of a well engineered home addition plan that was also well executed by a great team of contractors that our R&D team hired. It's easy to get great results when you plan properly and hire the right crews. Hire the right team yourself using the form below, it's who we would use to build your project!

Change of plans; let's do a sunroom instead!

Before Retaining Wall prior to Sunroom Addition request

The opening in the left side of the addition was for the French Door that would open onto the new deck. Our customers decided that they would prefer to have a sunroom instead of the deck. So we improvised.

Sunroom on Concrete Piers Started after retaining wall was built.
In order to build the newly proposed sunroom; a retaining wall with a drainage system needed to be built to divert the rainwater from the mountainside.
Sanford & Hawley supplied us with Tyvek House Wrap.

Wrapping it all up!

Framing the sunroom

Once the shell was completed the rest of the project flew by for us and our customers.

Exterior View
Finished Exterior for In-law Apartment on Cape

Harvey industries provided us with the Double Exterior French Doors & all the Double Hung Windows.

Exterior photo of a cape addition

The new additions to this beautiful cape made the home spacious and beautiful at the same time. The goal was to make the addition completely separate from the existing home. The in-laws wanted privacy and seclusion from the younger family next door.

This Preparation is key

Interior protection prior to remodeling

This is the view into the sunroom from the new living room. Keeping the floor protected is always a priority for us, especially when using Pre-finished Brazilian Cherry which we purchased from Lumber Liquidators.

All Done

Finished living room photo

Our customers were so anxious to move their furniture in, that we didn't have time to take pictures of the interior without their furniture.
The Colonial Trim came from Sanford and Hawley & the paint from Benjamin Moore.

Brazilian Cherry Carpet Protector

French doors with Hardwood Floor Inlay

The sunroom's French Doors open to the swimming pool.

We made a Brazilian Cherry Inlay to save the Mohawk Aladdin styled Carpet from dirty shoes.

Future Plans
Gas Fireplace Exhaust Port Location
The sunroom was also set up with an exhaust port in the ceiling for a future gas fireplace.

Office to Bathroom Conversion
Office Converted into a Bathroom
The original oak hardwood floor was left in place when we converted the prior office space into a full bath.

The Fiberglass Shower Enclosure & the Glass Door were ordered from Modern Plumbing Supply. The Double Vanity was purchased from Kitchen Factor.

New Bedroom

New Master Bedroom - In-law Suite
Our customer opted for AV connections in their bedroom, so that they can watch TV comfortably from their bed on their new Panasonic LCD TV.

An entrance into the new In-law Apartment was created on the left side of the kitchen

In-law entrance from kitchen

The design of the cape addition fit in nicely with the original house design.

The addition went so well, that even the family cat approved of the new space quickly!
Cat walking on new Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor

Project Cost: $141,636.00

Duration: 4 months

770 new square feet of space



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