Commercial Front Entry Addition: Brick and Block Construction

Henry P., the Recording Secretary of the PNA Lodge #2093 in New Britain, CT contacted our former research and development company, Simply Additions LLC, because the existing front entry of their Lodge building began separating from the main building.

Obviously this is something that had to be handled with care and fixed promptly, so Polish National Alliance lodge members would not be disrupted from visiting their associates for an extended amount of time.

Henry was in need of a reliable contractor to demolish the existing structure and build a new front entry addition as soon as possible, because re-opening the lodge to its members was important.

Before Demolition -The Commercial Front Entry Addition Story

Demolition Existing Front Entry
From this angle you could not tell that the front entry was slowly bending away from the rest of the building. Notice the double entry steel doors in the photo above, we had to remove and reuse them once the new front entry addition was built by our former research and development company Simply Additions LLC..

A Closer Look at the Separation Gap
Gap between the front entry and main building

The original concrete footer supporting the front entry gave in, allowing the front entry to slowly creep forward and become unattached from the main building. It's possible that the original front entry addition was built on unstable soil, or that the concrete footer was poured from a weaker mix. Any number of factors could have weakened the original concrete footer which in the end detached the front entry from the main building.

Our Excavator Crumbled the Existing Entry
Excavator demolition began

We called in our top concrete guy in Connecticut to do the demolished of the existing front entry. De constructing a masonry structure is simple if you have the right tools (toys) to do it.

New Concrete Footer
This footer will easily support the weight of the new front entry

This new beefy concrete footer will easily support the weight of the front entry addition to be built, that we designed and planned for the PNA lodge in New Britain CT.

Our Masons Worked Quickly
Our masons working on the building

Working with tight schedules is nothing new to Simply Additions; we know how to make people happy! Our research and development team assembled an elite production crew to breeze through this project with flying colors. By the way, you can hire the same crew by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

PNA Lodge Resumed Full Service!
Finished front entry addition

Bada bing, Bada boom, the new front entry addition is reconnected to the PNA family. Henry and other lodge members were really happy and satisfied that they could resume full service operation of their lodge in only 1 months time. We were happy to get another great project under our belt to provide a unique project for our website visitors! 

Ahh, another great addition to our satisfied customer list!

Project Cost: $26,544.00

Duration only 1 month!

72 rebuilt square feet!

Customer Testimonial

Henry P. (Recording Secretary of PNA Lodge) New Britain, CT
"Dear Simply Additions, Just a little note to thank you for the great job you and your company did in demolishing and rebuilding our lodge front entrance. We have received a number of favorable comments from our members and visitors about the quality of work and the overall look you were able to create for us. Knowing you would be on site everyday to oversee the work being done gave us a lot of comfort. The workmanship of your subcontractors was superior. Not only were you able to complete the job on time it was done on budget. We appreciate you bringing to our attention the defect when the building was originally built. Replacing the steel beam now was a lot better than having to try to correct the issue at a later time. You saved us a lot of future grief and aggravation. Thanks again for the great job."

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