Two-Story Home Addition 512 sq/ft, Extensions for Existing Homes

Two Story Extension Plans and Building Cost

2 story extension plans

Two Story Extension

1st Floor Family Room Plan

2nd Floor Bedroom Plan

Two Story Extension Plans


Build This Two Story Home Extension To Extend Your Two Story Home

This package is based on adding a Two Story Home Extension with a family room on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor. The new second floor bedroom includes two closets. In this particular design one of the closets is pointed away from the bedroom, because that is what Joyce (A real-estate agent who helps people with customizing the almost perfect house.) wanted us to design for her client. You can obviously have both closets inside the large 16' x 16' bedroom, which would be a more common design and at the same cost.


Most people choose to build this type of home extension off of their existing kitchen exterior wall, since we are adding a family room. With this setup you can walk from your kitchen directly into your family room. The picture above shows what this addition can look like on a home with custom roof lines.


This house extension was factored with baseboard heating being extended from the existing house and into the new space. A crawlspace foundation was also factored into the cost to build, which is found below.  Overall this house extension plan gives you a great idea of what you are looking at, as far as cost and details go for a project of this size.


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1st Floor Family Room

Size: 16' x 16'
Closet: 7' x 9'
Flooring: Oak hardwood
Doors: Double French Doors
Windows: 5

2nd Floor Bedroom

Size: 16' x 16'
Closet: Part of Existing House.'
Flooring: Oak hardwood
Doors: 3
Windows: 4

This Two Story Home Extension Is Estimated At $65.000

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