Guidelines for Building Home Additions

Adding space to your kitchen, adding another bathroom, or perhaps finally adding on that study you've been waiting for, is a great way to improve your quality of life.

Many people who have followed our advice and advice from other professionals can tell you that, adding on the extra space was the best decision that they have ever made!

The question is what do you need in your room addition and what do you want to have if the budget allows for it?

Possibilities for home additions are endless, your imagination is the only thing that limits you, aside from your bank account, zoning regulations, and property lines.

Professional Room Addition Building Tips by Simply Additions

Room addition building tips1. Identify your property lines

Some local building departments have plot plans on file that you can pick up for free. If you cannot find a plot plan, your local building department may require you to get a land survey done to produce a plot plan.

2. Try to design a floor plan that complements your current home

Most professional contractors and design build companies that we work with, will help you in this area. You don't want to design something that will make your home look like a spacious eyesore, because if you ever have to sell it; you will take a loss.

3. Detail your construction plans

Tell your contractor what type of materials and fixtures you expect. Do research on our site, and magazines to be prepared to have a proper estimate done for you. If you don't lead the contractor, they will guess what you like for you.

It's always better to be prepared than to be surprised.

4. Get Several Estimates

By using our automated contractor locating service you will get the contact information to professional contractors that have been verified and approved by several third parties. We take the guess work out of finding a reputable contractor.To get started simply fill out the form below, we'll do the rest for you.

If you really want to compare your estimates in an apples to apples comparison, you should read our highly useful home addition building guide. It will help you plan your project properly and allow you to truly get an apples to apples estimate.

Remember, people usually pick a cheap price but every contractor has their own method of estimating. But if you give them all the details that you are looking for, you will eliminate the contractor guess work that can cost you thousands or mislead you.

Lastly, a home addition project is usually an expensive investment. If you don't prepare yourself properly, you have a strong chance of making an expensive mistake. Use our site, get our ebook, and do a little due diligence to make your decision a very well educated one. You will not be sorry!


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