Planning Your Garage

A house is not a house, unless it could also provide shelter for your cars and motorcycles too.

If that's not yet a philosophy maybe it should be, because nothing hurts your cars paint more than ultra violet rays and acid rain, and the best way to protect your cars from being affected by UV rays or acid rain, is to garage it when you are not using it.

Of course a garage provides other great benefits, like keeping the snow and ice off your car too.
garage addition with bonus room CT
garage with bonus room addition

Photograph by: Simply Additions

Project: Cape Addition with 2 Car Garage

Location: Wallingford, Connecticut

County: New Haven Connecticut

Square Feet Added: 1,600

Rooms added: Bonus room above garage &
one story living room with full basement

Total cost: $106,150.00

If you live in New England, you know what it's like to dig your car out of a snow storm.  It certainly isn't fun and if you have a car or truck that you really like, your first thought during that moment is, "I wish I had a garage". Well congratulations on taking the first step in doing the research about building a garage. We have pre-designed quite a few garage addition packages that also come with building estimates and plans. We didn't win a ton of awards for consumer education by keeping people in the dark, nope, we won them because we provide the best set of tools and information you could ask for during any type of remodeling or building project.


Garage Options to Consider

There are many options to consider when building a garage, the obvious is picking out how many garage bays you need. But then we get to the other options, such as windows, the types of overhead garage doors you plan on using, and whether or not you are going to use an automatic garage door opener to make your life a bit simpler.

Other Popular Uses for a Garage

Sure a garage offers sheltered parking, but it also increases the storage space of your home, and we all love more storage space, don't we?. Another highly popular use of garage space is for the do-it-yourselfers who build workshops and somehow always have something to do in it on the weekend. So, weather you plan to rebuild a Mustang Fastback to it's former glory, teach your kids how to use tools, or just protect your cars from the elements, a garage is something we all grew to need.

Go to Your Local Building Department to Check Building Codes

First stop on your list of tasks to complete in your garage planning phase is to visit the local building department to obtain a plot plan and make sure you ask the building officials if there are any restrictions against building a garage on your property. Sometimes there could be a setback limit problem and if you do encounter that, please read our guide to getting a zoning variance approved. It worked for our former home improvement company Simply Additions, LLC.


Planning the Size of Your Garage

Most garages come in standard sizes and you can shop for them right on our site, click on home additions to see our garage packages. Remember to do a little brainstorming and maybe even draw yourself a little sketch so that when you are ready to Get A Free Garage Estimate you know exactly what size you will need.

Tip: Our Home Addition Building Guide Ebook can help you properly prepare

Typical Items that Can Be Addressed in Your Garage Estimate
  • Plans
  • Construction Permit
  • Demolition Work
  • Excavation Work
  • Foundation Work
  • Back Filling
  • Framing
  • Siding 
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Electrical Work

Want a No Obligation Estimate?

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