Important Advice on Second Story Additions

If you love where your home is situated but are looking for more space, going up may be exactly the solution you've been searching for.

Do you currently love your neighborhood, but your current home is short of some major square footage?

Did you buy a starter home and now you would like to upgrade to a more spacious home?
Would a whole new floor of living space make you happy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then a second story addition or more commonly referred to as a Second Story Addition can be the perfect solution to your problems.

Adding a new floor of living space can add tremendous value to your home. Check local real-estate markets to see what comparable homes sell for in nearby neighborhoods to get a general idea.

Word of caution: adding a second story can be a disruptive to your household, so plan well and pick up our Home Addition Building Guide Ebook to make the entire process seamless.

before second story addition after second story addition

Second Story Addition Project


Important Advice on Second Story Additions



West Hartford, Connecticut

Square Feet Added: 776

Rooms added: Master suite, library, bathroom

Notes: Added a full rear dormer and a small front dormer to home.

Total cost: $95,749.00

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Second Story Addition Tips

  • Create and set a budget - Once you know what you can spend it will be much simpler making decisions. also keep in mind that you should allocate 15% for the unexpected.
  • Draw some sketches in a notebook and try to envision where your staircase will go as well as the new floor plan above.
  • Contact your town hall building department and talk to them about your project to see if they have any restrictions such as building heights etc.
  • Ensure that your home's foundation and framing can hold the extra weight of another level; any experienced professional will do this for you. (Always check references after getting 3 estimates.
  • Remember that your roof will be removed during the construction process. You should speak with your contractor about your options, you may need to acquire a hotel for a certain amount of time.
  • Ensure your HVAC and heating system will be able to handle the new load. Reminder our Ebook will really help you make this a bulletproof transition.
  • Ensure your Electrical panel will be able to handle the new electrical load. Reminder our Ebook will really help you make this a bulletproof transition.
  • Lastly your new space will have all new materials, you may want to consider updating items in the rest of your home, such as windows, flooring, etc.

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