Bonus Room Addition Cost

The Cost of a 21' x 20' Bonus Room Addition 420 sq.ft

floor plans of Bonus Room

Blueprint view of Bonus Room Addition

Building A Room Addition Above Your Existing Garage

Notice that the before picture actually features a real house this time around? Jim and Tammy were in a hurry to add space to their lovely colonial because they had a little baby on the way, which was due in just a few months. Jim found us on the internet by searching for "Home Extension Plans" and emailed us his home improvement needs.

Turns out that the colonial that Jim and Tammy have needed an additional bedroom, and that meant that the couple would be finally getting a real master bedroom. When I say real, I mean a master bedroom that feels large and spacious, which was a major improvement for their home.

Long story short, we designed a large master bedroom with two large his and her closets above the garage. Some people refer to this type of room addition as a bonus room. This design didn't require a foundation, which meant that building costs would be significantly lower than if it did. Also our customer at the time requested that we extend the baseboard heating into the the addition. If your current house has a slightly different HVAC system in place, the estimated cost to build will change slightly, once a thorough in home estimate is completed.

If you have a home similar to the colonial in the before photo, this type of bonus room addition may be the perfect answer to your spacial needs. Take a look at the actual bonus room addition project to see how it all went down for Jim and Tammy. After that, use our Automated Contractor Locating Service to find out which home addition builder is worth calling in your neighborhood, by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Bonus Room Addition Details

Size: 21' x 20'
(2) His & Her Closets: 2' x 8'
Flooring: Oak hardwood
Doors: 5
Windows: 6

This Master Bedroom Addition Is Estimated At $39,000.

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