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Simply Addiitons Newington CT

We make Home Additions, Modular Homes, Basement Remodeling, and Attic Renovations simple .


We Designed Our Company Around The Needs of Our Typical Customer

Simply Additions is a company that specializes in adding new living areas for people. New living areas can come from home additions, basement remodeling, attic renovations, and of course the ultimate new living area; a complete new home.

Because we specialize in this unique area of the construction industry; we found ourselves overwhelmed with questions on pricing. To solve our customers problems and ours at the same time; we developed a website filled with pricing, plans, videos, photos, and customer stories.

It did not take long before the whole world wide web found our entire database of information and quickly began sending us tons of interested consumers. This new internet based fame quickly took on a life of its own. Today we continue to innovate in our niche industry by adding more pre-priced packages and remodeling ideas for consumers who need this information.

Imagine how hard it was for people to research and plan the cost of their project before our website was developed :)

And Now, Our Other Unique Traits

Everything you need to know about our company and service history is clearly posted on this website.

What is it like working with us? If you watch HGTV shows, sometimes contractors leave a bad impression. Our company is focused on customer service and customer experience. We handle the largest and most demanding projects in our industry, while maintaining an exceptional service history. How do we do it? The answer is systemization. Think of us like a finely run McDonalds; we do everything step by step, following a detailed plan, which results in repeatable quality and excellent service. We do not receive complaints, simply because our main goal is to make our customers happy. As we grow, we continue to improve our quality as well as our customer experience.

Do you really want to know the difference? Ask a friend about how their major renovation went and then call us so that we can give you our referrals. Making big things simple is what we do. Also by visiting our testimonials page online, you can instantly read about the experiences of our customers.

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