Prevent Damp Basements


Tips For Fixing A Damp Basement Problem


Concrete foundations can form cracks, and these can cause moisture to seep in when it rains or when snow melts.


This type of problem is very common; luckily, it is easy to fix because professional services can be quite expensive.


Fixing leaks in your basement promptly is important, because if they go untouched for a long period of time, it can cause a musty odors throughout your house in addition to mold problems.
Whether the problem is minor or small, Simply Additions can help with these simple do-it-yourself damp basement prevention tips.



Waterproofing A Damp Basement


If you have a minor moisture problem in your basement, waterproof the walls by using waterproofing paint. This will reduce moisture and odors immediately. If you have a larger moisture problem, it may be necessary to dig a trench around your foundation and covering the walls with a waterproofing material that helps to completely alleviate interior moisture. Tar is used commonly for this type of damp basement treatment.



Fixing Cement Cracks In Your Basement


Damp Basement WaterproofingYou are in luck, because cement cracks are easy to fix. You will need a cold chisel, a mallet, patching cement or sealant bond, and a putty knife. Begin beveling and widening the crack with the cold chisel and mallet. This will help the sealant bond better. Apply the ready-mixed patching cement or expanding sealant according to label instructions. As it is drying, push it into the crack using the blade of the putty knife. Continue applying more to the surface. Once dry, moisture should no longer be a problem.

Ventilating Your Basement 

Be sure that your dryer is ventilated properly. If it isn't, it will add moisture into the air. It is important that it vents to the outside.

Run a dehumidifier. Purchase a high-quality dehumidifier. This can extract gallons of water from the air every day. You can also make it automatically drain by making sure it has a threaded drain connection. Once a hose is attached the water drains automatically.


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