How to Build a Foundation from Start to Finish

How to Build a Foundation Start to FinishA home, sunroom, garage, or house addition is only as good as its foundation.

Professional foundation contractors know what it takes to make a strong and proper foundation for any application. Simply Additions recommends only hiring professional licensed foundation contractors, because generally speaking a "Jack of all trades" does not have the experience required to tackle all foundation projects.

This page features our famous "How To Build a Foundation from Start to Finish YouTube Video".

Remember to read our "Pouring a New Foundation Guide" for complete details and close up photos.

For home additions the foundation has to mate with older existing foundations such as field stone foundations. This type of project requires true experience, because the added weight of the home addition can cause the old field stone foundation to crumble if proper planning and foundation design does not take all the new structural loads in to consideration.


This video was taken at a construction site for a custom home addition in Rocky Hill Connecticut, where our old construction company, Simply Additions LLC,  built a master suite addition with a Kitchen and Dining Room extension. The How to video will show and explain all aspects of constructing and mating a new foundation to an older existing foundation.



In the video below we have put together a complete playlist that includes footage of:

  • How to Build a Home Foundation from Start to Finish (A guide for the DIY do-it-yourself type who want to GC the work).
  • Digging Foundations - The Excavation Process shows footage of a a mid-sized excavator digging up the soil to make room for various home extensions.
  • Pouring Concrete Footings.
  • Making an Entry. Concrete Cutting into the existing basement with a concrete saw to join the old basement with the newly created basement.
  • How to Pour Foundation Walls.
  • The Concrete Pumping Process for Hard To Reach Areas. Concrete pumping is at an additional cost because of the rigging and machinery needed. It's used in scenerios where the concrete mixing truck cannot get close enough to the pouring site. (This footage is from a raised ranch home addition in Wethersfield, CT. 

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