Do you think you'll be able to resist falling in love with me?

Have you ever met someone who had several near death experiences starting at age 4? How about someone who girls couldn't resist? What about a bad boy who outran the good ole boys more than once? And what about someone who has the ability to push themselves towards goals most people wouldn't dare to dream? Well I have met him and I'm him, and I've got the most interesting stories to share with you! From overcoming ridiculous odds, to making real life miracles happen while proving doctors wrong. I'm doing it again, this time I'm carving another hole in the universe by working on my dream business from home.

It wasn't all easy though, I paid the price more than once for my dreams! But that's why I'm on your screen right now!

Best Wishes to Those Who Want to Let Me Into Their Life. Your life may never be the same.


Voitek Klimczyk

 My name is Voitek Klimczyk, and I am the owner of and, two websites aimed at helping busy people navigate everyday obstacles in life quickly using my proven simple to use how-to guides.. is specifically geared toward helping homeowners with home improvement projects and the like. My work on this site has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau with awards in Excellence in Consumer Education. is all about Life Hacks and How-to guides to make people's lives a little bit sweeter.  The website actually supplements the popular ProvenHelper Youtube Channel. There are a lot of how-to helpers out there online, but I stand apart from the rest by producing content in areas that I'm really skilled at from life experience in the following fields:  Computers, Car Upgrades, Technology Hacks, and anything in the Home Improvement  field.


 I’ve used my past experiences in Information Technology and Residential Construction to create proven how-to guides that can transform any hard job into several easy to follow steps.


Making complex projects simple, is something that I've been mastering for close to 23 years. Protection Status for   2004 - 2024 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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