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Affordable and Awesome Gifts for Men

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Every year just before Christmas,  I spend countless hours scanning the internet for bargains on cool gift ideas. My criteria is simple, it has to be something that no one I know has, and something that I would honestly love to receive as a gift.

For this years treasure hunt, I have already hunted down 10 awesome but surprisingly affordable gifts ideas that any guy or real cool girl would love to unwrap on Christmas, or their birthday.

I have to tell you that these gift ideas were all over the web, but thanks to Jeff Bezos and his unquenchable thirst to sell one of everything on earth, you can find all of the goodies below on It kind of blew my mind to find it all there, and at a cheaper price to boot. But come on people, we're talking about dealing with Mr. Crazy Pants Jeff Bezos here, he would sell you unicorns if he could.



The Best Cheap But Awesome Christmas Gifts For Guys 

 1.  Robot Tea Infuser


I receive a tiny commission if you click on a gift link and actually buy it from Amazon.

You could always buy them elsewhere, although every single one of these products was marginally cheaper on Amazon, thanks to Mr. Crazy Pants himself, Jeff Bezos.

There are a few exceptions like the

R2-D2  USB Car Charger Robot  

Robot Tea Infuser Man Gift

sheldon-cooper-hot-beverageThis awesome little Robot Tea Infuser looks like something Sheldon Cooper would want in his tea cup whenever he needs to have one of his famous hot beverage moments.  

After all, "we all know that social protocol states that when a friend is upset you offer them a hot beverage, such as tea." 


Ten bucks can't get you much these days, but I bet it can get you a smile for your status update this Christmas!

Buy the Robot Tea Infuser for only $10.21  Because it can even make your favorite bagged tea 1000x cooler too.  

Reminisce and watch a Sheldon Cooper Hot Beverage Moment. Go ahead and click - I'll save your spot. 


 2.  Camera Lens Coffee Mug


Camera Coffee Lens Mug

As a fellow shutterbug and Youtube Character, I kind of like this Camera Lens Mug. If your guy is into his Canon or Nikon DSLR or maybe even a GoPro, this camera lens coffee mug might just put a smile on his mug this Christmas. I think it will show him that you actually care about his interests and I'd personally like the thoughtfulness of a gift like this. (Wives and girlfriends, take note!)

Buy the Shutterbug Special for only  $10.99 



 3.  Ninja Sword Umbrella

Ninja Sword Umbrella

Battle rain drops like a jet black ninja with your trusty Samurai Sword Umbrella. Guaranteed to make those rainy days something you'll look forward to from now on.  Assassinate every rain drop before they wet your honorable face, afterwards just strap your trusty Japanese Sword Umbrella to your back, once the rain clouds have admitted their defeat.

Attack The Rain for only $24.38



 4.  Legless Pirate Corkscrew Bottle Opener $12.28

Peg-legged Pirate Corckscrew

Okay, there will be at least one day in your near future when this Peg-legged Pirate Corckscrew, foil cutting, beer bottle opening thingy will make your friends jealous. Don't wait and get one today!


 5.  Monochromatic Deck of Playing Cards $10.00

Monochromatic Deck of Playing Cards

Whether you have a Batman Complex, or simply enjoy looking cool amongst your peers, this Black Deck of Playing Cards is something that will make your friends wonder why you have all the coolest guy gear ever.


 6.  Wooden Pallet Coasters $17.75

wooden pallet coasters

Picture your best buds coming over for the game, and after you hand them a nice cold one, you say, "hey, don't forget to put that beer on a pallet bud". That's right, even your wooden pallet coasters say you have more swagger than Jay-Z  (In a fictional reality if Jay-Z didn't have his hundreds of millions of dollars to play with).



 7.  Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers $13.18

Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers Wind-up

Push the salt & peppa out real good  with these awesome looking robot salt and pepper shakers. But these little guys are real movers and shakers, when you wind them up.


 8.  Contemporary Fish Condo $33.45

Contemporary Fish Condo

Sure your neighbor Teddy has a pet goldfish swimming in a boring old fish bowl. Why don't you order this today, and post your fish up on Facebook or Instagram living large in his Contemporary Fish Condo. It will make your friends fish green with envy, scurvy, or whatever disease fish get when they've been bested.


 9.  Instant Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags $9.99

grilled cheese toaster bags

Guys hate cooking but love looking like they worked hard. These Toaster Grilling Bags allow you to make instant grilled cheese sandwiches, which you can serve as breakfast after spending a wild night with your favorite girl.

Impress her without the commitment of real cooking, and don't forget that you'll get to eat grilled cheese sandwiches whenever you want now!


 10.  Ninja Star Fridge Magnets $17.17

Ninja Star Magnets

As if my gift ideas couldn't get any cooler this year, try out these amazing Ninja Star Magnets.  Stick them to your fridge, file cabinet, car, motorcycle, or your front door. No one will be able to deny your animal magnetism! And they will have to wonder how cool you really have to be to have actual ninjas trying to Chinese star you to death!




And Now Some Gag Gift Ideas




 11.  The Melted Wrist Watch "Think Salvador Dali"

melted watch gag gift for art lovers

Are you a fan of Dali the artist? How about time travel, quantum physics, or plain and simple fun,  This time piece is the hottest watch I ever seen. Perfect as a gag gift, or as a thoughtful gift to an art lover. 

Buy the Melted Watch for only $22.83


 12.  Kangaroo Kielbasa Sausage

kangaroo kielbasa sausage gag gift


 Finally something not even Jeff Bezos would dare to put on his Amazon Superstore, The Kangaroo Kielbasa Sausage. In Australia people eat Kangaroo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but in the states, brave souls would love to have this tasty meat jump onto their dinner plate. Order up your 16oz today! 

Buy Some Wholesome Kangaroo Sausage for only $19.99


13.   R2-D2 USB Car Charger

r2d2 usb car charger

Here's the coolest car charger you ever saw, it's the R2-D2 USB Car Charger! This litte guy has two high powered 2.1 Amp USB ports to charge any of your phones, tablets, and GPS devices. R2-D2's head rotates, lights up and makes all the right noises to make your Star Wars loving friends cry to their mama. This thing is super cool even for people who don't like Star Wars (I'm sure there's at least 2 people out there). You have to watch the video at Think Geek by clicking the buy it button below. 

By the way this little Gadget is on Amazon, but for twice as much cash, so get it from ThinkGeek. 

Buy the R2-D2 Dual Car Charger Robot now for  only $39.99


I will keep adding more gift ideas to this list as I find more great bargains on cool stuff, so bookmark this page son. 


How To Drop Gift Idea Hints to Family & Friends for Christmas and Birthdays


Want to get one of these awesome but affordable Christmas gifts? Here are a few ways you can spread the hint to your family and friends. Let them know that you wouldn't mind this cheap but great Christmas gift using the scripts below in your favorite digital communication app.


1. Hey mom, dad would love one of these gifts for Christmas, I mean which guy wouldn't... Then simply paste a link to this list in her email, Facebook, Instagram or her Pinterest account.

2. Share it on Facebook and say something vague but make it sound like you subconsciously want the gift.

Possible Facebook Wall  Post:  Wow, Ninja Star Magnets as Christmas presents, who needs dumb little ninja star magnets, I'll tell you who, not me... They don't interest me at all, I prefer hello kitty magnets all over my fridge.

3. Hey sis, look at this cool Camera Lens Coffee Cup, I mean I love my camera, but can you imagine me drinking out of a camera lens coffee mug...  (Facebook, Twitter, email...)


Ehh, these hints are not the best, why not leave me your ideas. You can also reach me on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter... Etc... I go by ProvenHelper these days. Thanks for checking out my list and remember that these really are things I would want :)


Pay-it-forward for those that do stuff like that: Share the hell out of this Gift List For Men on your social sphere, you never know what type of good karma will come your way!

Please do not send these awesome gifts to my house using Amazon and my Proven Helper, LLC address is not on my bio page.



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