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How to Consistently Achieve Big Dreams, Goals, and Desires

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How to Consistently Achieve Big Dreams, Goals, and DesiresAchieve Goals Using My 10 Year Old Proven System

Have you found a shortcut to reaching your goals? Well I did, but it took years and years of trail and error before my lengthy list of goals and desires began shrinking.


So how would your life get better if you could achieve your dream job, dream house, or even a dream business. Please comment below, I would love to hear your answer. You can also find me on any of my social networking profiles. Look for Proven Helper. 


In my life, I have tested several well known methods to achieving goals. Some were completely bogus like simply using positive thinking, while others seemed to have more impact. For over a decade I've tried many different ways to get what I want out of life, hopefully you will find my advice as useful as it continues to be for me. 


We all know that the scientific method consists of asking questions, making observations,  and doing experiments. Well, when it comes to goals, I have developed my own specific method to achieving them, because let's face it, achieving our goals is something that makes us happy.

The fact that you are reading this very article is evidence that my scientific method to achieving goals is real. How else does someone like myself, get to sit at my home office, write articles such as this one, and get paid for it by the leader of internet search; Google?



The answer is goals!

One day after losing my remodeling company and my health to the Great Recession, I made a goal for myself to figure out how to make money from home using the internet. This goal was highly important to me, because my previous business just about destroyed my health, and in reality almost killed me in the very end (You can read all about it on my other site:

So, finding a low stress job/career/business that I can do and actually want to do, was at the top of my list. I inventoried my set of skills and pinpointed an internet based type of business that can be done from home at any time.

So now that you have a little background on me, let me tell you why you should believe in what I'm going to share with you next. I encourage you to research my name on the internet, so that you can discover for yourself, that I truly am the real deal, instead of some phony infomercial scam artist pretending to share real knowledge with you.


Research Me:

My full name is Voitek Lex Klimczyk, but you can leave out my middle name to pull up more information on me.

You can Google me by simply typing "Voitek Google".  Am I the most famous "Voitek" in the world? Well, I don't know about that, but Google did ask me to be featured in a few of their own Google Adsense commercials and blog articles, so it doesn't take much to find me on their search engine. By the way, this wasn't a fluke, being on their blog was a goal of mine!



Alright, if you stuck around this long, you are now going to be initiated into my way of achieving goals. It's this very system that I've been working on since 2004. And since then, I have achieved many impossible objectives, including finding my soul mate, buying several expensive cars, a house, and healing myself from a terrible disease that most people never recover from like the way I did without major medical intervention, and of course creating an amazing career where I get to make YouTube Videos and website content from anywhere in the world and get paid for it.


So the formula itself is relatively simple, but you have to understand that what may be simple for me, may not be completely simple for you at first, but I will explain that further on.


My Personal Formula To Achieving Goals

1. Write your goal down in detail. Example: I will buy a brand new white Mercedes ML SUV in 2014.

2. Read this goal(s) to yourself every single night before you go to sleep.

3. Read this goal(s) to yourself everyday or morning when you wake up.

4. Never stop reading it daily, until your goal is achieved.


So there you have it, it may seem really simple, almost so simple that you may not believe it actually works. But then ask yourself, how did this cute Polish guy, get the attention of the best search engine company in the world, so that they would feature him in several of their YouTube Commercials?  Exactly, there must be something to what I'm saying, and at this point, can you really afford not to try my system?

If you answered you can afford not to know more, great, enjoy the rest of your day. And for those of you who want to learn more, stick around.


Preparation, a Mind Blowing Experience

Prior to achieving goals using a scientific method and conquering an extremely painful disease called pancreatitis. I got into a phase of meditating and learning about how the subconscious mind works.

In my studies, I discovered a lot about my past choices and why things happened in my life the way they did. And from those moments of clarity, I began the journey of shaping my mind into a more useful tool for life itself.

So from meditating to practicing mindfulness, and changing past beliefs, I worked really hard since 2004 to fine tune my mind. And honestly, it's an on going process that sees no end. The good news is that you can start at any time, and sometimes the dumber you are about a subject, the better results you achieve in the beginning.

When I first started learning about the subconscious mind, I read a book by Joseph Murphy Ph. D.  At first his writing seemed fictional and not realistic, but then I decided to question his theory and examined my personal history for evidence. Sure enough I always had a belief for instance that I would always have better cars than my friends, and in reality, I have always had better cars than my friends.  So that alone was enough to fuel the pursuit of a few more goals that I really wanted to achieve.

One of those goals was the acheivement of buying a Mercedes Benz. Well, I actually won an Ebay auction for a low mileage 2004 Mercedes S-Class back in 2006, but the seller backed out of the deal. Turns out that the seller (an older gentleman), actually saved my butt from outrageous repair costs that would have sent me to the poor house, but instead I ended up buying a Japanese Mercedes, a 2006 Lexus GS300 AWD in November of 2006, with even less miles that the Mercedes.

Anyways, I'm going off on a tangent a bit, but my point is that setting goals and constantly keeping them on your daily focus is only 1 piece of the puzzle. The other things you / I have to do to achieve the goals are the following:

1. Set a goal that you can actually believe in. For example if you set a goal that you're going to be the president of America and you were not even born here, well, you are already blocking your potential goal from manifesting. Set something that is great, but yet believable for your current belief system to comprehend., Your subconscious mind should see the goal and think, yes this can happen to you!

2. Believe in your ability to somehow achieve the goal. You don't have to know exactly how you are going to manifest it, but you should believe that somehow, someway, things will happen and you will achieve that goal.

3. Be persistent. This is something that 99% of people have trouble with. Sure you can read your goals to yourself for 1 week, maybe even 1 month, but 6 months? Not all goals will manifest quickly, be prepared for an Olympic sized dedication to your goals. Think about athletes and politicians who spend most of their time working on their main goal. You have to be like them, only for your own goals.

4. Take ACTION!  Also another troubling but most necessary step to achieving any goal. You will not lose weight if you don't work out and change your diet. It simply will not happen, no matter what miracle pill, potion, or shake someone sells you. Following the same logic, you will have to take action to achieve your goals. Let me throw you an example.

Once I was already making a living from home, doing what I love (for the most part; it's not all rainbows and puppies, you know.), I discovered through the research I always do for my business that it would be fantastic, if I could get some type of large popular company to link to this very website. Not long after that, I realized that Google has a blog, and sometimes they feature websites who have their Adsense ads running on them. I knew right away that a link from their blog would greatly improve my search engine rankings. So I created a goal to have the Google Adsense Blog write a post about me and my website.

A few months go by and nothing happens. Then I actually got a phone call from Google and they apparently sent me some previous emails about the opportunity I've been waiting for, except with one important exception, I would have to be in a commercial. At first I simply wanted to say no because it was out of my comfort zone, and I knew that I would be nervous. But, I also knew that being on their own video commercial is 1 step better than being simply on their blog, so I said yes, and the rest is history.

But you see, for that goal, I had to step out of my comfort zone a lot and of course recognize the opportunity when it presents itself. Sometimes our goal is disguised a little bit, just like my goal was. I wanted to only have my link on their blog, and they called me and asked if I could be on their Google Adsense YouTube Channel as well as their Google Adsense blog.

Alright peeps, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm ready to close out this blog post with some final words. Number 1, set those goals, and don't be afraid to have more then

Number 1. I actually have well over 1 hundred goals / milestones that I'm working on achieving soon.

Number 2. Don't get discouraged if nothing is happening, but also assess your actions and ask yourself if you are doing enough to achieve the goal or at least put yourself in the position to achieve the goal.

Number 3. DO NOT SHARE YOUR GOALS WITH ANYONE!  I almost forgot one of the most important rules that I have lost goals too. Simply do not discuss your goals with ANYONE! I have my own theory as to why this action seems to disrupt goals from being manifested, but I can say without any hesitation, that you should not discuss your important goals with anyone.

Is there an exception to this rule? There is, but it is truly complicated. For starters you would have to have a very close and completely honest relationship with the person you plan to share this with. Secondly they would have to truly believe that you can achieve this goals. And finally, you would have to believe that they believe you can achieve this goal. Trust me people, it's much easier, just to keep your goals to yourself, and then share them only after you have achieved them.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, remember that I said after achieved them. This is not the same thing if for example you found a house that you are putting in an offer on, and the agent tells you it's yours. The house is not yours until the papers are signed and you have your closing, only after your closing would I finally share with someone that this house was an actual goal of mine.

Well, I really hoped you enjoyed this blog post of mine. I'm sure you can tell that it came from the heart and that I truly shared something personal with you. Don't forget to support me by sharing this article on your social sphere, because #1, I can never have to many followers, and number 2, if you ever need a favor from me, you will have a much better chance of getting in touch with me, if I could verify that you really are a fan worth taking the time out for. This may sound cold, but keep in mind that I currently have more than 10,000 YouTube Subscribers writing to me every day, and don't even ask about my websites, I have many, and every one of them produces tons of daily emails. I'm no stranger to getting as few hundred emails every day.... With success comes abundance in many forms!

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