Simple Checklist for Verifying Contractors

Now it's time to do your homework on the contractors you're considering.

Don't be fooled, there's truth to some of that bad publicity contractors get in the local media.

Simply Additions is here to help you make a wiser decision so you won't regret your remodeling decision in the future.


Simple Checklist for Verifying ContractorsHome additions and major remodels can get expensive, especially when they are built properly. These project can get even more expensive if they were built incorrectly in the first place, then have to be rebuilt for safety or aesthetic purposes.


You probably heard of stories like this on the news, HGTV,  and home flipping shows.


We are here to make this process really simple for you. If you don't want to read all of our articles on how to investigate and choose a contractor, just do the following three steps and your chances of having a positive experience will be much greater than if you didn't!


  1. Contact your local Better Business Bureau and check the history of your potential contractor.
  2. Contact your local Consumer Protections Agency.
  3. Also verify they all have active insurance policies and licenses.

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