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Real Estate

Buying your next home can pose many challenges, some you can face with ease, while others are just as hard as answering the ultimate "Will you marry me?", question. Learn what we have to say about today's real estate bargains and pitfalls and how we persevered through our toughest real estate challenges.


Real Answer to Is a House on a Dead End Street Bad Feng Shui

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Looking for a new home to buy can be more of a project and risk than most of us think it is. I can honestly say that the process can feel grueling and never-ending, because buying a house is much like getting married. You have to lock in all the qualities you really can't live without and figure out which qualities you're willing to overlook, because a house much like a spouse will never be perfect and neither will be the process of finding them. In the end you still have to hunker down with faith and put your money on the one you think is the one and hope for the best. There are no guarantees in life, just educated guesses, ancient wisdom like Feng Shui and statistics.


Will This House Make Me Happy?

Do you need quick answers on how much typical home improvement projects cost, because your buying a home this year? If you are in the market to buy a new home this year, you're probably driving around town with your Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or iPad with Zillow or another mobile app, scouring the neighborhoods for good deals.

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