How-to Replace Your Leaky Outside Hose Faucet the Simple Way

In this how-to guide I walk you through the process of figuring out how to replace your leaky outdoor faucet, sometimes called a hose spigot or outside hose bibb. In my situation my faucet was soldered on, so I decided to use easy Sharkbite Push-to-Connect fittings for my outside faucet replacement project. Watch what I did right, and most importantly what I did wrong. Watching this will hopefully give you all the instructions you need to accomplish your outside hose faucet replacement. Good Luck, it's not impossible, but it can challenge you depending on your know how and preparation.



Talked about LINKS

½” X 10’  PEX pipe

½” Sharkbite coupler

½” Sharkbite 90-degree elbow

½” Sharkbite Hose Bibb

½” Copper Pipe

Large pipe cutter

Small pipe cutter


Pipe Deburring tool

Wire pipe cleaner inside & outside multi tool

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